Trajectory in
of Fruits

Traditional in their region, FRUTAS MARTINHO, is recognized for its historical performance, side by side with producer in the production, to benefit the marketing of fruits.


Transparency and Respect in
All Negotiations

The excellent reputation of FRUTAS MARTINHO in fruit trade, the experience of their directors and the vocation of the region for the production of citrus fruits, were fundamental for the company to initiate its activity and rapidly reach recognition in the domestic market as well in the international market.
With the adoption of responsible management practices and concepts, such as collaboration and commitment, the FRUTAS MARTINHO has presented to the markets a new way of acting, in which the transparency and the respect are the foundation for all negotiations, whether with suppliers, customers, employees or representatives. 


Respect and Partnership
with the Producer

The care with the quality of the products supplied by FRUTAS MARTINHO starts in field. The partnership with the farmer allows the development of new technologies that contribute for the processes improvement. Encourage the adoption of good agricultural practices and information sharing and the unity in achieving efficient results are factors that contribute to increasing the volume and quality of our fruits.